Chromed bulbs & coloued bulbs.

Demo of Chromed bulbs on a Rear clear lens kit on a mini
Place mouse over the Switch/Stalk/Pedal to activate the appropriate bulb

Chromed Bulbs
These are special bulbs that have a chromed surface to the glass of the bulb,to make them appear Red or Amber the glass itself is coloured, so when the bulb is lit Red or Amber appears but when the bulb is turned off the bulb appears to be chromed/silvered. The reason they are more expensive than coloured bulbs is down to the chroming process as these bulbs work in the same way as a two way mirror. These bulbs donot flake unlike the cheap bulbs supplied with your clear lenses.

Available in the following types
Chromed Amber 21w Standard pin type (cars converted to clear lenses)
Chromed Amber 21w Offset pin type ('97 minis with clear lenses as standrad on front)
Chromed Amber 5w capless/wedge type (side repeaters)
Chromed Amber 21w capless/wedge type
Chromed Red 21w (fog or stop lamp)
Chromed Red 5w (Tail)
Chromed Red 21w/5w (Stop/Tail)

Coloured bulbs
Available in Amber 21w standard pin (for cars converted to clear lenses £1) or offset pin (Original equipment bulbs £1).
Red Bulbs are available in 21w/5w(Stop/Tail 50p each) or 21w (Fog lamp £1.50 each)

Pricing: (in UK sterling)

£ 8.99 pair for all types of Chromed Bulbs


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