Air Horns

Small may be beautiful but its no good when you cannot be seen

Re-address the balance when you need to warn other road users of you presence with air horns

Get horny and put a set of E approved (means a police man, MOT Examiner, European politician etc. cannot say say they are illegal*). so fit them now and feel the noise.

Chrome Air Horn kitRed Air HornsEasy Mounting Brackets
Fosters can over compressor - Chrome Air Horn kit - Red Air Horn Kit - Easy mount Air horn Brackets

Air Horns come in two different colours Red (plastic horns nice and light) or Silver (metal chromy finish), both versions come with 2 horns, air compressor, relay (not Twin injection minis already fitted), connectors, piping.

Easy fit mounting brackets
The cool mounting brackets allow easier fitting by locating the horns behind the numberplate without having to drill extra holes how cools that?

Pre '97 cars
Red Air Horns or Chrome Air Horns
Options - Easy mounting brackets

'97 on minis
Already have a relay built in so extra wiring needed just use our plug in adaptor.
Red Air Horns with Easy plug in connector & Mounting brackets
Chrome Air Horns with Easy plug in connector & Mounting brackets

Pricing: (in UK sterling)

£11.94 - Red
£14.94 - Silver
£5 Mounting Brackets
£5 '97 on Mini wiring interface
* Hey we are not signing our lives away check with your local authority before fitting and using
air horns.

Fitting Instructions for TPi Twin Air Horn Kit

This kit is designed for Twin Point Injection Minis (97-00). The relay fitted to your mini is capable of controlling this air horn kit (Relay is situated behind dashboard). The air horns are E approved therefore complies with MOT regulations.

Kit consists of:

1 Air compressor with multiplug
1 Bolt
1 Nut with built-in washer
2 Long air pipe
2 Short air pipe
1 'T' piece connector
1 Long air horn
1 Short air horn
2 Bolt for horns
2 Nut for horns
2 Sandwich plates
2 Stainless steel M6 bolts
2 Stainless steel M6 nuts
2 Stainless spring washers

1. Open bonnet and locate horn situated on RHD inner wing. Disconnect multiplug from horn. Remove 2 bolts securing horn mounting bracket to body. Remove horn from car. Remove nut and washer securing horn to mounting bracket.

2. Fit nut and washer to horn and throw horn in bin.

3. Fit bolt to air compressor, and then fit air compressor to mounting bracket. Fit nut with built-in washer to secure air compressor to bracket and tighten to 10 Nm.
Align horn mounting bracket to body, fit bolts and tighten to 9 Nm. Connect multiplug to air compressor. Connect Long air pipe to compressor. Feed pipe down through gap between subframe and body.

4. Remove front number plate. Paint Sandwich plates. Slide one Sandwich plate through gap on number plate mounting bracket laying it flat. Insert one Stainless steel bolt and washer in RHD hole. Offer up the other Sandwich plate and finger tight a washer and Stainless steel nut to bolt. Repeat the process for LHD hole.

5. Fit small air pipes to Air horns. Fit bolt to Short air horn and insert bolt into sandwich plate. Fit nut and tighten. Repeat this process for the Long air horn. Ensuring the air horns are mounted the correct way round to be obscured by the front number plate.

6. Fit 'T' piece to ends of air pipes. Adjust sandwich plates and tighten nuts. Ensure no obstruction is caused to Alternator belt.

7. Refit front number plate. Depress one of switches on Steering wheel to activate air horns.

The air compressor may need to be cleaned, to remove any unwanted dirt. Remove the air pipe and pour a small amount of duck oil or similar into the compressor. Press the Steering wheel horn button a few times to remove any unwanted dirt. Replace the air pipe.

Horns of any description fitted to a vehicle are not for reprimanding other road users, nor should they be used when stationary on a public road. Horns should be used to indicate the vehicle's presence. Horns cannot be used between the hours of 11pm-7am.

Air horns do not work but air compressor makes a noise.

Check air pipes have not been trapped or removed. Have the crimp connectors on the air compressor been reversed (causing sucking). Check for debris in air horns.

Air horns do not work

Check all connections, fuse and relay.

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