Boot liner kit

At last a solution for the mini boot. Covers floor fuel tank. No unsightly battery or paint work. No tools required.

Boot liner kit for the standard Mk3 mini onwards, fits all minis with a 7.5 gallon tank and 12" spare wheel. It even fits the mini with washer bottle in the boot (just remove the panel to fill the washer bottle). Comes in dark grey (gray for US readers). No tools required fit in minutes. Comes flat pack in sections. Colours may vary due to monitor settings.

Now available in colours and materials to special order.

Pricing: (in UK sterling)

£45 for Dark Grey all other colours add £10
£55 for Black
£55 for Red

Frequently asked Questions about Boot liner

What do I get in the kit?
Five carpeted panels that cover the floor/ back seat panel, front of fuel tank, side of fuel tank and the a panel for the right hand side oh and some fitting instructions.

Can you give me a template so I can make my own boot liner?

How do I get to my spare wheel and battery?
Remove the two side panels, and lift the floor, simple.

My mini has a washer bottle in the boot how do I get to it?
Remove the Right hand panel.

Can I mount my amp to the back panel?
Fit the bootliner, offer the amp upto the bootliner back panel and mark, drill where marked. Fix with suitable fixings ensuring the amp back panel all attach to the metal behind the back seat. This way the back panel is sandwiched between the amp and the metal behind back seat. The back panel is now unable to be removed.