Crystal Lighting

Replace old sealed beam or halogen conversion lamps with modern crystal lens headlamps

NEW Crystal RHD Headlamps
New Crystal Right Hand Drive Headlamps with improved len pattern and look better, these will easily pass the MOT beam pattern test if they are correctly aligned. They are not E approved but they meet the standard. They use H4 Halogen bulbs which are included. The side light uses standard 5w capless bulbs also included. These lamps beat Halogen conversions hands down. They will fit any mini using 7" headlamps including Clubman.
£19.99 ea.

New RHD Crystal HeadlampFitted with Ice Blue H4Front  & BackSuper White LED sidelight optionSidelight lit with Super White LED option
Bulb optionsBulb options

Crystal Headlamps

Fit LHD and RHD as they dip straight down, direct replacement for 7" mini headlamps. Available with clear lens or ion lens. Uses H4 bulbs. Not E marked therefore sold as for off road use only


Clear Clear Ion ion


Frequently asked Questions about Crystal Headlamps

What do I get in the kit?
A pair of headlamps that replaces your headlamp.

What is the difference between the cheap ones and the expensive ones?
The expensive ones will pass the MOT beam pattern test, and are nicer looking.

Are they any better than sealed beam headlamps?
Any new headlamp will be better than sealed beam headlamps, the expensive ones are better still.

I have fitted a halogen conversion are they any better?
They are better as the Crystal headlamp has a modern crystal reflector like modern cars

But I have sealed beam headlamps will they fit?
Disconnect the connector on the back of your sealed beam lamp, fit a H4 bulb to the angel eye lamp and refit the connector, simple

How do they fit?
Remove outer chrome ring if fitted, remove old headlamp with inner chrome ring, remove inner chrome ring and fit to new lamp. Connect two wires from Halo to two wires for the sidelight in the headlamp bowl.

Are they legal?
They are not E approved, technically all lamps must be E approved. You can add a zero to the price if you wanted E approved lamps. Do you have rear clear lenses on your car if yes then they are ILLEGAL.

So they are not legal but can I still fit them?
The dipped beam on these cheap lamps dips straight down so they can be fitted to Left or Right hand drive cars, the headlamp/halo light must be white. An MOT station may pass or fail the lamps. The police should be OK as none of them know the law regarding the E approval numbers. The expensive ones will pass the MOT beam pattern test for RHD cars.

Will they fit my 1986 C reg Mini Mayfair?

Can I buy replacement parts?
Yes Halogen Bulbs, Sidelight bulbs, Headlamp.

Do you fit them for me I live near Paris?

Do you do part exchange?

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