Deflex Bushes

Replace worn rubber bushes with nice bright yellow poly bushes stronger, wear resistance.

Available for:

Exhaust Bobbin (1 required for early cars 2 required for Cooper S)
Quick release engine mounting
Late Exhaust Hangers pair
Exhaust centre block
Subframe front top washer kit 4 pieces
Subframe front Peardrops
Subframe front rear mounting
Subframe front top arm bound buffer

Subframe rear full kit late cars 6 pieces
Engine stabaliser kit
Gearbox stabiliser kit 4 pieces
Front lower arm kit
Front tie bar kit
Bump stop front easy fit
Rear shock absorber kit
Full Deflex kit for late minis - Rear subframe mountings, Front Subframe top washers, Lower arm kit, Tie bar kit

Pricing: (in UK sterling)

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