Clear & No fog lamp kits

No Fog lamp kits - What is one?

A specially designed Wiring loom by Mini Trailers to convert one of you reversing lamps into a fog lamp just like a modern car.
Clear Fog lamp lens if you got clear rear lenses and want your fog lamp to match.

Clear Fog lamp

Clear Fog lamp lens

Complete the look get rid of the Red Fog lamp lens.
Kit consists of Clear Fog Lamp Lens and Chromed Red bulb (Does not show Red until bulb is lit) £10 fits late minis

Place mouse over switch to put Fog lamp on
Add £5 for the fog lamp lens holder i.e. lamp and lens

Look no fog lampSpecial Wiring Loom

No Foglamp kit

This special wiring loom designed by Mini Trailers and Chromed red bulb fits all Mk4 Minis with built in reversing lights. The special wiring loom just plugs in. One of the reversing lights then becomes a Fog lamp, no more nasty fog lamp.
Place mouse over switch to put Fog lamp on

Clean & tidy

Look how clean the under bumper is without the foglamp
Store your old bracket in safe place as these are becoming rare

Fitting Instructions
Fog lamp removal kit
This kit replaces the fog lamp fitted below the bumper on Mk4 onward minis (This is cars fitted with lamps have a built in reversing lamp and wiring uses 'church window' connectors). This will be on the right for UK cars, other countries the lamp is fitted to the Left side. This kit replaces one fog lamp. One reversing light will no longer function (as per most modern cars) as the fog lamp will operate from this position. Currently reversing lights are not required for a UK MOT.
Please check with your local road traffic laws for conformity

Special wiring loom
Chromed Red 21 watt bulb bayonet fitting
Fitting instructions

Fit large connectors
Open the boot and locate the 'church window' wiring connector that connects the lamp (nearest the fog lamp) to the main car loom. Disconnect the lamp connector and connect the two large wiring connectors on the special wiring loom to the car loom and lamp connectors.

Fit small connectors
Locate the two connectors from the fog lamp (below the rear light), identify the positive connector (usually coloured wire), the negative wire should be black (this not needed as the rear lamp unit already has a negative supply). Disconnect the coloured wire connector and insert the small connector from the special wiring loom to the coloured wire connector on the car loom.

Replace bulb
From outside the car remove the bottom reversing lens on the rear lamp (two screws). Remove bulb and replace with Chromed Red 21 watt bulb do not fit with hands as dirt will reduce the life of the bulb. Refit lens

Remove fog lamp
To remove fog lamp from under bumper, locate and undo two screws holding fog lamp bracket to rear valance. Carefully remove wiring and lamp with bracket from car.

Ensure the car is parked safely and turn the headlamps onto dipped beam, turn fog lamp on. Check the reversing lens now emits a red light.

If in doubt contact a vehicle technician.


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