Twin point minis (Oct '96-01)

What we do for the last of the line minis
You got one and you want to modify it. Some of our specifically designed parts are sympathetic to the car so you can remove them if you choose to sell your car.
Air horn kits
Remote central locking using your keyfob totally cool!!!
Spot/fog lamp connectors
No fog lamp kits
Switch illumination kits 4 or 5 switches
100 Amp alternator
Air induction kit

At last we have finished making these horrible little cars
Twin point minis are minis produced from Oct. 1996 P reg. to Oct. 2000 51 reg.
Rover produced a more refined mini to meet demand for the mini.
This is not meant to be a full guide, e-mail us if we need to change or add anything

Russ Swift trying to save on tyres (Mini owners will do anything to save money), do not try this at home unless Russ Swift is your uncle
Spec, Colours, Japanese Minis, obsolete parts

Basic differences over UK '96 spec minis

Airbag, Side impact bars, Seat belt pretensioners
Twin point injection, front mounted radiator

More in depth changes

K series oil filter used (A lot easier for ordering at a Rover dealer)
MEMS 2J Twin point fuel injection fitted from Rover range, injection manifold notthrottle body,all vacum advance pipe and all remaining ignition componetnts replaced with electronic sensors. Stepper Motor IACV.
engine casting, distributor hole deleted,oil filter moved to side
Multi grooved alternator belt
65A Intergral fan Alternator (mounted higher up) unique to this mini and other cars
Electronic distributor (no more wet points) includes electronic coil unit

Halogen headlamps with electric headlamp adjustment
Cut for front rad (no side rad)
Air bag mounting under back seat

Glass with airbag warning information
Fuse box under dashboard
Side impact bars in doors

Alarm system - aproxx '98 onwards the indicators flashed
Arch filler piece between rear arch and rear bumper 12" wheeled minis

Metro style seats
MGF/Rover steering wheel
New steering column with Metro/400 stalks
Plastic rear bins
Twin speed fan
Revised door release handles
Foglamp switch(es) relocated to centre panel

Sportspack Minis

Differences between a standard car and a mini fitted with the famous sports option pack commonly referred to as the Sportspack minis available on mini and cooper models

13x6 alloy wheels fitted with Dunlop sp2000 later sp3000 175/50 13 tyres
Spacers for rear wheels & Limiting steering rack
Plastic extended wheel arches with front wings cut and reinforced
Chrome tail pipe extension
Voltmeter (Alternator output) & Oil Temp gauge
Front mounted fog lamps note spots moved to middle due to lighting laws
Drilled Accelerator pedal (standard on cooper)

Rover changed the colours a few times. If you wanted a standard mini copper late on, it came in Red only
Coopers could not come in White, Silver or Beige
Cooper roofs came in White Diamond, Old English White & Silver (last ones)

Rover also had a few special colours for special editions
Paul Smith Blue
Mini 40 in Red & Blue

Cooper Sports LE in Brooklands Green
Knightsbridge in Gold (not UK)


Flame Red (early)
Solar Red (late)
White Diamond (not coopers)
Electric Blue (early)

Clearcoat Metallic

Charcoal (early)
Anthracite (late)
Platinum Silver (not cooper)
Kingfisher Blue (early)
Hawaiian Blue (late)
British Racing Green

Nightfire Red
Tahiti Blue
Morello Purple (late)

Almond Green
Yukon Grey (early)
Surf Blue
Whitehall Beige (early & not coopers)

Japanese Minis
The mini was popular in Japan, Models for Japan are different both in spec and options.
Below are some of the differences
Auto gearbox (option)
Air conditioning (side mounted radiator) different dashboard
All glass & lighting was different as it was stamped for Japan use
Fog lamp on left
Catalyst over heat sensor
Rear seat belt waring lamp
Bracket in boot for wanring flare

Obsolete parts for Twin point minis and earlier minis

Wire pass through grommet for rear fog lamp
Blanking grommet for fog lamp bracket
Spacer for auxiliary adjustment bracket
Mounting bolts for rear fog lamp bracket
Bodyshells via BHM
Glazing strip for bottom of battery box
Fixing screws for number plate lamp lenses
Mounting screws for number plate plinth
Spot or fog lamp wiring loom
Engine bulkhead sound deading
Centre spot lamp bracket (we got the last one?)
Brake fluid DOT 4 sign
Black water resivor sign

where's the blue one?

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