Wiper Delay Kit

It rains a lot so invest in one of these for the bits of in betweeny rain.

Wiper delay kit for pre 1997 minis. Variable Intermittent wipe.

Key features
Flick wipe
Variable intermittent flick wipe (2- 20 second delay between wipes)
3 wipes of screen when screen wash activated
Plug and play connectors
No extra switches
The finest kit available

Fitting instructions

1. Disconnect Battery before for starting installation.

2. Locate the 5 way Wiper connector located at the bottom of the steering column.

3. Disconnect and connect the two connectors from the control unit to the two free ends.

4. Connect the Black wire from the control unit to a suitable ground point

5. Reconnect the Battery.

Operating Instructions

1. The slow and fast speed switch positions operate as normal.

2. Momentarily operating the 'Flick Wipe' will give a single slow speed wipe.

3. A second operation of the 'Flick Wipe' will again give a single slow speed wipe and the duration of the delay between the two wipes will be remembered. The unit will continue to give a single wipe after this stored delay until the 'Flick Wipe' (or any other operation) is pressed again.

4. If maximum delay 20 seconds. The sequence is terminated if the delay between 'Flick Wipes' is greater than this.

5. The minimum delay is 2 seconds. Operating the switch faster than this will still only give a 2 second delay.

6. Operating of the Screen Wash will initiate a slow speed wipe for three wipes of the screen.

Pricing: (in UK sterling)

£ 39.93


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